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ah shit

2010-11-14 12:34:47 by AlexNewProductions

i'm on newgrounds almost every day, yet i never post anymore.

still love you bby. <3


2009-10-12 12:25:23 by AlexNewProductions

i haven't posted on newgrounds in awhile. let's see if i can write alot of stuff.

uhhh let's see.

lifewise: i'm a senior now, seventeen woohoo. school's taking up alot of my time and i have really moved away from newgrounds in the sense of keeping up with my userpage and such. i'm usually on at least once a day watching movies or something like that. if you really want to ask me something don't post a comment on this, chances are i won't see it. PM me or find me on facebook, search: Alex New. uh... nothing else really.

flashwise: i'll say that i hope i can write something new soon and animate it, but everything's always up in the air with those kind of statements. if you guys are lucky, something will show up soon. oh follow me on deviantart.

so yeah, bottom line: if you really want to see stuff i do, add me on facebook. SEARCH ALEX NEW. i post alot of stuff there and just talk to me, i'm nice. ;)

see ya later guyssss ;D

edit: i forgot i could do this. direct link to my facebook.

grandma jokes

2009-06-13 23:34:58 by AlexNewProductions

i submitted a new movie

i dont know where ive been the past few months

on my deviantart basically

maybe i'll animate more later if you guys would like

deviantart page

2009-02-18 18:55:47 by AlexNewProductions

'sup ya'll
made a deviant art page
been addicted to that recently
check there for more of my crap

omfggg merchandiseee

2008-12-29 13:54:07 by AlexNewProductions

so my buddy just got me the nameless shirt and the steve smoking shirt
they're sweetass
i'll upload some pictures soon of me doing some newgrounds-like activities in them

wacom pad

2008-12-28 14:56:34 by AlexNewProductions

i've gotten one
and it is sweet


2008-12-10 21:43:35 by AlexNewProductions

my banner and my icon
you like?

edit: also i made a deviantart page

i'm getting

2008-11-24 21:18:52 by AlexNewProductions

a sweeet ass wacom pad for christmas


2008-11-15 00:03:04 by AlexNewProductions

firin mah lazer isn't funny
do a barrel roll isn't funny
over 9000 isn't funny

they used to be original and silly
but it's way too overdone
and i'm sick of this

oh god internet nerds, you make me angry


2008-09-13 09:38:40 by AlexNewProductions

school sucks
i have no time for anything anymore