2009-10-12 12:25:23 by AlexNewProductions

i haven't posted on newgrounds in awhile. let's see if i can write alot of stuff.

uhhh let's see.

lifewise: i'm a senior now, seventeen woohoo. school's taking up alot of my time and i have really moved away from newgrounds in the sense of keeping up with my userpage and such. i'm usually on at least once a day watching movies or something like that. if you really want to ask me something don't post a comment on this, chances are i won't see it. PM me or find me on facebook, search: Alex New. uh... nothing else really.

flashwise: i'll say that i hope i can write something new soon and animate it, but everything's always up in the air with those kind of statements. if you guys are lucky, something will show up soon. oh follow me on deviantart.

so yeah, bottom line: if you really want to see stuff i do, add me on facebook. SEARCH ALEX NEW. i post alot of stuff there and just talk to me, i'm nice. ;)

see ya later guyssss ;D

edit: i forgot i could do this. direct link to my facebook.


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